Semi-permanent hair extensions are used to add fullness or enhance the length of your natural hair. Clients are able to choose the length of hair extension of their choice. We use the highest quality hair being Grade 5A and higher and all hair extensions we use are double drawn hair to provide thickness from root to end.

Depending on the thickness of the clients’ hair and their desired method, the process could take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours

At Luvhaus we use 3 different methods; hot fusion, micro-link and tape extensions. Hair colour is matched during consultation meeting.

With all 3 methods, clients can still wash their hair as normal. Hair extensions last anywhere from 3 – 6 months and some may be reusable and re-applied. If aftercare procedure is followed correctly, natural hair will not get damaged.

If done by a non certified professional, you may run the risk of hair damage and hair loss. Beauty technicians at Luvhaus are fully trained and certified through The Extension Academy for this procedure and have years of experience with performing extensions.